Getting Exposure In Real Estate

By Alison Orman on Nov 17 2016

As we move into the ever changing digital world, we can't help but notice how many different ways we accumulate information through out our day. Sometimes we see things, sometimes we miss them - but when it comes to selling real estate, you have to be where the buyers are looking.

Thanks to technology, buyers can now view properties from the comfort of their home. They can ask the agents questions via email, take a virtual video tour through a property, zoom in on photos on the go on their smartphone, and recieve updates from just about every real estate website when a new listing appears.


So how do we gain maximum exposure in this seemingly competitive rat race to sell our property?

Now the younger generations are growing up, saving for a house deposit and buying a home, we need to tap into where they are looking. Here's some handy info in case you didn't know - absolutely EVERYTHING is available online.

If someone is looking to buy, guarantee it doesn't matter who the selling agent is, if they like the house they will make an offer - done deal.

But what about when it comes to sellers looking for an agent that they can trust to deliver great material to their database, has immpecable service has your best interests? What makes them choose you?

Unless you know them personally, you can bet they are going to search their nearest agency online. This is why it is so important to be highly ranked in Google - because lets face it, how many times have you clicked on something other then the top 3 results when you had NO IDEA what you were doing? Almost never!


So besides the obvious sending emails of listings, OFI's and e-newsletters there is something else a lot of agents are missing and that's optimising your websites. Having your site optimised to what Google wants is a must.

Here's some tips to get started:

  • Make sure each page is on topic (hello real estate world)
  • Do your keyword research with Google Adwords keyword planner & optimise ALL pages on your site
  • Lots of easy on topic and ORIGINAL content
  • Internal links within your site, and backlinks.
  • Update your content on your site regularly (edit, blog, edit, pictures etc.)
  • Call to Action - make your audience WANT to talk to you
  • Photos! Make your page interesting with something to look at

There are so many more factors to take into consideration, but really if your serious about gaining traction in Google and generating leads, you NEED this!


On the plus side for all our readers looking at selling with us, we've just added 8 new websites to help gain you maximum exposure for your property. We're all about getting you the best results possible when it comes to selling your property. Please note, some of these are still under contruction - due for completion soon!

You can check them out here: